band bio
Windkracht 7 is a young septet with an extraordinary line-up_ Floris van der Vlugt, Reinier Baas, Morris Kliphuis, Robbert Scherpenisse, Jamie Peet, Katharina Thomsen en Mark Haanstra. A vivacious group of seven very strong musical personalities, with equal room for collectivity and their individual voices.


Windkracht 7 performs original compositions by Van der Vlugt and other band members. Their music is accessible, filmic and expressive. An important aspect is the duality between the warmth of the four horns and the grinding rhythm section.

Initiator Floris van der Vlugt was elected Young VIP 2014. Along with this title of honour comes the Young Vips Tour. This coincides with the CD release tour for Windkracht 7’s debut album Drifts and starts in february 2014.

In 2013, Windkracht 7 has performed in a packed room at the North Sea Jazz Festival. and at other important Dutch jazz events. In 2014 they will play in the BIMHUIS, Paradox, Lantaren Venster and many more venues.

Windkracht 7 moves cleverly through many styles, like (free)jazz, rock, (contemporary)classical or film music. But above all they are a willful and dynamic band, thriving on the boundless energy of adventurous young musicians in the Dutch jazz scene. They can sound like a rockband, fierce as a bigband and at times whisper like an orchestra – yes, even like a string ensemble.

_Jazzenzo, 17 May 2013, Stefan de Graaf

band members
FLORIS VAN DER VLUGT_ is the initiator of Windkracht 7. After a long time of being the sideman for many others, the time was ripe for a new group of his own. With Windkracht 7 he created a platform for his own sound as a musician as well as a composer. Floris worked with Wicked jazz sounds, Kris Berry, Roos Jonker, Pete Philly & Perquisite, Marzio Scholten, Room Eleven en het Amsterdam Jazz Orchestra and many others.

REINIER BAAS_ is a rising star in the Dutch jazz world. He leads his own quintet (The More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble) and received an Edison Award for his second album as a leader. Reinier is also a regular member of Mona Lisa Overdrive and the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra.

MORRIS KLIPHUIS_ is gaining attention with his trio Kapok, and has won the Dutch Jazz Competition 2012 and the European Jazz Competition 2013. He also is a member of the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, and for years was closely involved in Kyteman’s Hip Hop Orchestra.

JAMIE PEET_ is one of the most sought after drummers of the moment. He plays with Ernst Glerum, Ramon Valle, Pete Philly, Lars Dietrich, Rik Mol and many others.

MARK HAANSTRA_ is a regular member of Yuri Honing’s Wired Paradise. Besides this he co-leads the succesful Barnicle Bill Trio with John Engels and Miguel Martinez. Haanstra has been around the world with numerous collaborations.

ROBBERT SCHERPENISSE_ is a great musical talent, and thus a much sought after trumpetist and arranger. He once founded the New Generation Big Band, and composed their repertoire. Robbert worked with among others Caro Emerald, Wicked Jazz Sounds, Pete Philly & Perquisite en het Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw.

KATHARINA THOMSEN_ leads her own group and plays in the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra. Besides this she is a welcome guest with the Metropole Orchestra, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, New Cool Collective Bigband and the NDR bigband. She composes and arranges frequently for these large ensembles, too.