The storm has passed

Dear listener,

Windkracht 7 is not going to make the record we promised you, nor are we playing any time soon. We have decided to quit working as a band. The storm has passed, we had a blast.

Thank you for supporting us, for coming out to our concerts, for listening to our album.

See you all soon in other settings!


We are thrilled about the fact that DRIFTS has been nominated for an Edison Award. This nomination is really really nice in the first place, but winning would be ultimately awesome! So please help us and vote for Drifts here.

Thank you very much!!!

V O T E   H E R E (for Drifts)


We zijn zeer blij verrast dat DRIFTS is genomineerd voor een Edison Publieksprijs. Deze nominatie is al geweldig in de eerste plaats, maar winnen zou ultiem fantastisch zijn. Help ons dus en stem hier op Drifts.

Dank dank dank!!!

S T E M   H I E R (op Drifts)